Summer Program for College Students

<p>Anyone applied yet? Is the registration form the only thing that is necessary plus the money of course! How do they choose?</p>

<p>Son is interested in possibly attending. Anyone attend last year and what classes did you take?</p>

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<p>Thanks Byerly. No college students attending the summer program? I'd love to hear from any attending or any who attended last year.</p>


<p>I was a proctor as a sophomore and thus took a class (intro to linguistics) and I was the only college student in it--I don't really see what the point is of doing that program instead of your own college's summer school, unless you're eager to spend time in Boston or take a class that's not offered at your own school or something. I took a summer school course at my local third-tier university in high school, and aside from Harvard's being much less depressing, there wasn't that huge of a difference. The experience (getting to see what Harvard is like; getting a feel for college classes) is the real reason to do it for high school students; for college students there isn't really a comparable motivation.</p>

<p>Thank you. I believe that my son feels that Boston would be an exciting place to spend his freshman/sophomore summer. He is really too young to get a good internship; we are from a very rural town in the south and there would be nothing for him to do this summer. After college life, he would be completely bored. At Harvard, he could take a couple of classes that his own university doesn't offer. Whether or not they would transfer would be a different story.</p>

<p>I have heard excellent things about the Harvard summer program. I know some friends who went there and enjoyed, but I did hear its alot of work. </p>

<p>Also, Does anyone know how Harvard's program compares to Penn's Pre-college program.</p>

<p>Hopefully it will be great for the money that it costs! I wish that more college students who had attended would post so we could read about it. I understand that the college students are separated from the high school students in dorms. I wonder if "harvard activities' occur during the summer for summer students. I know my son will probably return to his university sometimes during the weekend to visit. </p>

<p>Our take on HSS is that if you are from a rural place with nothing to do, and you are attending all year at your own university, you might enjoy a change of pace and scenery.</p>