Summer Program huge conflict! HELP!

<p>Hi guys,
I've been doing loads of research and I simply can't seem to find any reasonable summer program at a university, or merely a course at a community college, for me, a freshman in high-school. The reason why I'm interested in such a course is because I'm in 9th grade and taking Integrated Algebra, a grossly rudimentary course. I'm in a Jewish college prep-school, the Yeshivah of Flatbush. I was considering switching to Ramaz for junior year (more rigorous courses, wider range of AP's, greater college acceptance, fine reputation) , a college prep-school in Manhattan. Now I'm an all-honors student, so basically I'm in every honors class possible, and doing rather excellent in every class. However, Ramaz does not follow the NYS Regents curriculum; they delve further into each respective course. Thus, since most 8th graders take "Elementary Algebra", 9th grade is simply a repeat of this course, with a different title ("Integrated Algebra"), and slightly more emphasis on graphing, parabolas, linear theory etc. Ramaz begins 10th grade math, geometry, in 9th grade, and completely skips the Integrated Algebra course. Now logically, I would think that I can somehow accelerate myself. Perhaps, I would take Geometry next year, as usual, and then take a course somewhere in Algebra 2/Trig, and cover bothj courses in 1 year. Hence, I would switch to Ramaz, and be in their Pre-calc program in junior year. However I have a plethora of dilemmas. Self-teaching/tutoring is out, since my school won't give credit, and they won't allow me to take the Regents unloess I've gone through a year-long track. Moreover, albeit Algebra 2 is not stressed that much on the SAT's, I feel it is important that I take it formally, since I may want to go into engineering in college. The problem is I can't find a satisfactory program for my requirements. Some schools near me don't even offer an Algebra 2 course, or even a Pre-calc course (as long as I accomplish 1 year of high-school math, I can accelerate). The ones that do, are slightly far, thus requiring me to live on-campus. Since I'm Jewish, it wouldn't work out so well, for religous reasons. The only true program I fell in love with was Harvard's SSP: a summer course for 1:45-2:30 PM, for two months, and I would receive 4 credits. Problem? I live 4 hours away! If anyone could reccommend something for me to do, I'd really appreciate it.</p>

<p>P.S. Apologies for over-elaborating on the issue.</p>

<p>I also go to a yeshiva and I went to columbia university for high school students freshman year and it was pretty good. they have kosher food. Be forewarned that the parties do get crazy there.</p>

<p>The best way for you to do the SSP program is to do room and board.</p>

<p>@ nondairycreamer : which yeshivah were you in? And are Columbia's summer courses accredited?</p>

<p>no, it wasn't, but it was very interesting. And the professors give you nice, detailed recommendations if you do well. I don't think you can apply for anything this year, but if you're looking for rigor, my friend told me that the Stanford 8 week program is intense. You get college credits too. Also look @ WUSTL for college credit. You can still apply to WUSTL for session b, actually. I don't want to write what school on College confidential but if you private message me, i'll tell ya. lol</p>

<p>great. thanks.</p>

<p>Check out the Center for Talented Youth Summer Programs--lots of opportunities to accelerate in math and related subjects. It may be too late to apply for this summer (you need to have taken the SAT and received a certain score to qualify) but students are accepted up to age 16 so it might be something to think about for next summer.</p>

<p>My son attended for four years, taking interesting courses not offered at his high school, and was able to jump directly into upper-level computer science courses at his university. The social scene at CTY seems to be lots of fun in a geeky way. My son's closest friends in hs were his fellow-students at CTY. There are many Jews at CTY, some observant.</p>

<p>It's too late for CTY for this summer, but look into it. If you can swing the cost, there are doubtless other boarding programs too, although you are somewhat stuck in the grey zone between 'little kids' and 'big kids'. (No disrespect intended.)
Lots of observant Jews manage at summer camps - it probably won't be an issue.</p>

<p>I'm pretty sure Harvard will be able to cater to your religious needs but if not you can consider coming home Friday RIGHT after class to get home before sundown and then come back sometime on Sunday. You might still be charged for housing on the weekends though.</p>

<p>^Great idea. Seems bordering on a problem though....</p>