Summer Programs and cost?

<p>Okay-- want to attend a good summer program this summer, but... I'm worried that if I go to something expensive like Harvard Summer school or stanford summer school it'll just look like my parents are rich or something. I mean, I know that they're competitive to get into , but the bottom line is that most people still end up paying several thousand dollars. will this look bad? am i just better off getting a summer job and volunteering, etc?</p>

<p>Since when was SSP hard to get into?</p>

<p>And I don't think it would look bad... why would it? It shows that your interested in academics, not that you're rich.</p>

<p>idk, i was under the impression that b/c you needed an application... it was competitive. besides, i know people who applied to SSP and didnt get in for whatever reason. haha... erh... then... it's okay? It's still very expensive.</p>

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<p>sorry, I just want to know...</p>

<p>I'm rather fascinated by this idea that admissions people would remotely care about you doing a program you're interested in just because it cost a lot. As long as it's something in line with what you're interested in, that's all that really matters. (Most of these programs give out scholarships/ someone might at the local level/ some rich uncle is helping the student out, so it's not like they're going to note the expense of the program.)</p>