Summer Programs for Engineering

<p>Is anyone else going to this???</p>

<p>Engineering</a> Invitationals | Columbia University Office of Undergraduate Admissions</p>

<p>I'm so excited!! You're there for the whole day and get to talk to professors, students, see the labs, and anyone can go- I don't think you have to be a junior/senior!</p>

<p>I asked the girl from my school who got into Columbia about it and she said she had gone the summer before she applied. Do you think it helps? Do they track these kinds of things?</p>

<p>I'm in Jersey, so I'm going to drive up w/ my parents. Who else is going????</p>

<p>I went to that last year, and I thought it was boring. tour the school, tour the engineering department, tour the civil engineering department, q&a the school, q&a the engineering get the idea. </p>

<p>although my view was biased because my mom was under the impression that we were going to actually use the fancy labs they showed us and do some sort of experiment/exercise. Alas! how mistaken =(</p>

<p>debating whether or not it actually helps admission...i can't say. My mom is convinced that visiting and having a paper trail at the school will bump you from the waitlist to the acceptance pile, but i'm a skeptic myself.</p>

<p>No, not really. Why? Because when you get there you'll probably see just the vast number of people that are also visiting. When I visited Columbia recently, The information session was packed. I'm estimating but Columbia does two general info sessions/tours (for everyone, including engineers) and then there is probably 40+ families every day (even more during mid-summer). So when you put that all together, there are thousands of families and students visiting. Admissions also knows that visiting is a financial thing. NYC is expensive and not everyone can make the trek. You demonstrate interest more in your "Why Columbia" essay than by making many visits. Now visits can help you write that essay though.</p>

<p>^^^ I agree.</p>

<p>Really?!?! She said she liked it :( Is anyone else planning on going???</p>