summer programs for minorities

so i am a minority (arab and indian), and i feel like there are a ton of summer programs for minorities or low income students, but i feel like i can’t apply? for starters, i feel like indians are everywhere in STEM, and i don’t think arabs are under repped (are they?). also i’m upper-middle class, so i feel like it’s just morally wrong for me to take a spot in something like that, just because my parents don’t want to spend money. which brings me to a whole other point of what cheap but good summer programs are there???

You are thinking ahead to next summer?

Are you interested in STEM or other topics?

This one has a very early application deadline - in the fall. Program is free. I could see your background as bringing an interesting point of view.

The High School Diplomats program is devoted to bringing students from both American and Japanese cultures the most informative and engaging cultural exchange possible.

In addition to the daily activities, both groups of students attend daily language classes ranging from beginner to advanced and taught by native speakers.

edited to add:
It seems like students who have completed the above program are eligible to apply for the following summer’s alumni program to Japan for several weeks. That too is free.

Did you end up enrolling in a summer program? Two immediate thoughts came to mind while reading your post:

  1. It is only morally wrong to apply if they specify that you must be lower income. If they just specify that they are looking for minority students and you qualify, then go for it. Each program has the right to specify clearly what it takes to apply and you have the right to apply. QED.
  1. Sure, many Indians may be into STEM, but you are not "many Indians" are YOU! What are YOU interested in? STEM has a huge variety of topics, and if you are interested in a STEM area, following your interest will lead you to a unique niche or perspective.

You sound like you’re starting to ask the right questions, so keep doing so and see where these questions take you! Don’t worry about other people with a similar background.

I attended the Boston Leadership Institute this summer. It was such an amazing program! However, my family does not have a great deal of money. But, I wanted to attend a program that had a great reputation, I thought it might be difficult to find an affordable program with a great reputation. I also knew we wouldn’t qualify for any aid so it was on my family to pay for it. I came across the Boston Leadership Institute. It was an affordable program that had a great reputation. I will definitely go again. It is located in Boston. We used that opportunity to visit some colleges and do a little touring of the city. This is a STEM based program. The programs range from Engineering to medical. I chose the introduction to surgery camp and couldn’t have been happier. My instructors immersed us with relevant information in an enjoyable and interesting atmosphere the entire week. There was a lecture portion in the morning and the afternoons were spent in labs. We were provided with surgical opportunities throughout the week on various organs. Socially, I met great friends with diverse backgrounds. Academically it helped me know for certain, I am headed in the right direction. I couldn’t give this program enough stars. Good luck!

@STEMgirl16 What about the program was most meaningful? What made it different from other STEM programs that interested you? I was not familiar with this program before.

@akddka Apply for the OEOP programs! MITES/E2/MOSTEC (reppin’ MOSTEC!!) is for everyone, there were kids who weren’t minorities, it’s more of what you can add as person to the program and the world. Your perspective is important and those programs don’t ask you how much you make, but are FREE.

Also TASP as well, check that out.