Summer programs that focus on international relations?

<p>Are there any similar programs that anyone is aware of? With convincing my parents there's no way I'd be able to meet the November deadline unfortunately.</p>

<p>The app for the CIEE South Korea scholarship isn't out until April. So there's plenty of time there. That program is two weeks with a weekend long home stay. The rest of the time you'll live in dorms with other participants. They pick 100 finalists.</p>

<p>Viramay, if you want to reinforce your french, the Canadian Govt offers this, with expenses covered for five weeks. Not exactly exotic though very useful!</p>

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<p>Thanks for the info on the South Korea thing! My parents really want me to learn French fluently before I tackle another language, but that is such a great opportunity maybe they'll budge. </p>

<p>And it's too bad I'm not Canadian ): I'm not eligible to apply to that program unfortunately.</p>

<p>The South Korea thing isn't really language oriented, btw. It's more about exposure to the culture. So your French wouldn't be affected.</p>

<p>Georgetown has a summer institute for international relations that provides a broad introduction to the whole concept. It only lasts a week, and it is mainly lectures that can sometimes border on the repetitive, however, the head of Gtown's school of foreign service runs it and there are some truly interesting speakers. I thought it was a little bit fast paced because they were trying to cram in every single aspect of international relations in only a week, and it really didn't cover many topics as in-depth as they deserved. But, again, the T.A.'s and lecturers are passionate and excited about the subjects, and thus it is a great introduction to the world of international relations. The international crisis simulation on the last day was especially well done as it brought to life everything that we had studied the previous week.</p>

<p>^ Add Georgetown's National Security Institute to this. It's a week long just like internationl relations and you will meet some amazing presenters. It really depends how many people get in because that is likely to be the determining factor in what exactly you get to do off campus. For example, we couldn't visit CIA because there was about 100 of us.</p>

<p>I did a study abroad in the summer of 2010 with a program called go abbey road. They offer different trips all around Europe and its not hard to apply too (plus the actual studying wasnt that hard, but it looks great on my resume)!! This past summer I did community service for a month in Thailand and Laos. They have service trips as well as French cultural immersion trips all over the world. I know you were lookin for something pertaining to international relations (which is what I wanna do) but this shows that you have a real interest in the world and want to be involved ona global scale. Doing a program in the United States doesnt seem very ambitious for "international relations" no matter how distinguished it is.</p>

<p>I'm very interested in this subject; does anyone know of any which are available to students in England?</p>

<p>Hey! I went to the NSLI-Y Summer Program to Beijing. I , second that recommendation. Students are able to promote American culture abroad - and that's one of the goals for international relations.</p>

<p>Tufts has an amazing summer program in France that my daughter did, she ended up majoring in IR and minoring in French at an ivy....she credits the summer program with her continued interest in the field.</p>

<p>Tufts</a> University European Center in Talloires, France</p>

<p>That program throughout Tufts sounds absolutely amazing! I'm definitely going to talk to my parents about it, I know they're hesitant about dishing out 6k for something like this though /: thanks so much!</p>

<p>I recently got rejected from NSLIY :(
Anyone know of any good programs for current high school seniors, entering college next year?</p>

<p>Tufts Summit is a great program. </p>

<p>Only prerequisite is taking french, but I can tell from your name that it wouldn't be a problem.
I went right after my sophomore year, but the program was almost evenly split between rising juniors and seniors (actually, there may have been more rising seniors) but it's a great mix of kids (about 30)</p>

<p>I'm going to Tufts next year (ED) so the program is truly a great introduction to the IR curriculum and you get a good feel of the types of people at Tufts (through those working in the European Center/the awesome student interns)</p>

<p>Let me know if you have any questions! I registered for the program I think in february? So there is definitely time to consider it.</p>

<p>this is going back to the beginning of this post, but programs that focus on international relations:</p>

<p>brown leadership institute @ summer@brown
the foreign affairs focus program at exploration summer programs
yale ivy scholars</p>

<p>The NSLI-Y Summer Program looks like it would be an awesome experience. Has anyone gone the summer before freshman year of college? I missed the deadline for the coming summer so I will apply for the 2013/2014 year.</p>

<p>I emailed NSLI-Y about the Arabic and Chinese programs. Anyone on CC have experience with these programs?


<p>A bunch of people who were in my program were about to start their first year of college, so that's nothing to worry about.</p>

<p>Hello all!</p>

<p>This past summer I participated in the High School Diplomats Program. This program is where 40 Americans and 40 Japanese high schoolers spend 10 days of cultural exchange at Princeton University, with ALL expenses paid for (FULL SCHOLARSHIP!!!). I would highly recommend EVERYONE in this forum to apply.</p>

<p>Although HSD (High School Diplomats) is not a widely known program, it is an excellent program and several alumni go to top schools such as Princeton, Stanford, Brown, Williams College, and University of Virginia. </p>

<p>If you get into HSD and complete the program successfully, you can apply to USHSD afterwards (which is what I am doing now). USHSD is a full scholarship three week stay in Japan (20 of the 40 HSD graduates are eligible).</p>

<p>Here is official information:
"Dates of program: July 31- August 11, 2012</p>

<p>Program cost: All lodging, food, and activity costs are covered by scholarships</p>

<p>Application process: Electronic versions of the HSD application will be available after 9/15/2011.</p>

<p>Please see our website at High</a> School Diplomats for an electronic copy or your school career center or foreign language departments for hard copies. Applications may NOT be handwritten.</p>

<p>Application deadline will be in early January and interviews will be held in early to mid-March. Decisions will be made by mid-April.</p>

<p>For more information, please visit our website at High</a> School Diplomats or email Mrs.
Parrott, American Director, at <a href=""></a>."</p>

<p>If you have any questions about the program (from an alumni's perspective), feel free to msg me!</p>

<p>Note: I am not an official representative, but an alumni.</p>

<p>I just applied to High School Diplomats! I'm really excited :). What's the interview like/where is it conducted? Also, do you know how competitive the program is? And are they looking for kids who speak/study Japanese already? Thanks!</p>

<p>For those who went were your programs six weeks or eight weeks? What was the experience like? Have you mastered that language?</p>