Summer Programs v. Other Summer Activities

<p>Clearly being accepted to and attending a very prestigious program can help admission chances. But will it hurt if you are not attending an established program but are organizing other interesting activities for yourself? Could a summer like this even be more valuable than a program in the admissions process since it shows initiative? Examples of such activities might include getting a job, working locally for political or social activism group, independent travel/living abroad, etc.</p>

<p>Oh, honestly. This is a broad enough topic that there ought to be a least a FEW replies.</p>


<p>sim, i wish i could help, but I'm in the same boat (kinda). i think that getting a job shows responsibility and that should count for something. and being active in your community is also very helpful. i think it just matters what you do to help and if your heart is truly into it. i guess no matter what you choose, summer program or personal activities, you just have to have a genuine interest. i dont know if its possible to compare the two because every situation is unique.</p>

<p>Honestly I don't think it matters what you do with your summer. Sure, a prestigious program would look nice and fill up another line on your college application, but do what YOU want, not what would look nice. If I don't get into TASP this summer, yeah, I'll be disappointed. But part of me wants to stay at home because it'll be the summer before my senior year and I just want to hang out with my friends and be a counselor at the summer camp I've worked at for three years.</p>