Summer programs

Are there any summer programs for rising sophomores relating to business/finance? TIA
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Looking for the same info for our D24.

check out yale young global scholars and the school of the new york times- they may have sessions that fit you.

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UT has three summer programs for Business- MFEA, DYNAMC, and Subiendo. It’ll be difficult to get into MFEA as a sophomore, but the DYNAMC program is really fun. You stay at UT’s campus for a week for free, and they bring in a lot of industry professionals from Ernst and Young and have their own professors of Mccombs teach you the basics. You create a project with a group by the end, and it’s super fun. Here’s the link: BBA | Academics | Summer High School Programs | McCombs School of Business

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Wharton Global Youth Program Home - Wharton Global Youth Program (

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