Summer Programs

<p>How common is it to be invited to participate in a summer program at a top college? Is this common-place or only a few people get offered this opportunity?</p>

<p>I think its common to get invited to go to a summer program by universities/colleges in general. I was offered to go to to a summer program at Brown. But I don't think it means that they'll accept you if you apply.</p>

<p>depends on the college. i was invited to stanford's and brown's but you had to pay for them so i didn't bother...</p>

<p>anyone can apply for those programs....</p>

<p>Yes, anyone can apply, but the summer programs at the "top" schools are usually relatively expansive.</p>

<p>sophomore12 what's your point? just because a program is expensive, doesn't mean the program is any good.</p>

<p>As a sophomore, I was invited to the Stanford Discovery Institute for Philosophy. I really enjoyed my time there because all the students wanted to attend the program (something like a 20% admission rate for a summer program). </p>

<p>If you have the money, summer programs at top colleges always look good as well as provide an excellent insight into college life.</p>

<p>young_one, you miss understanded me. I was just trying to make the point the because the summer program is at a top college, they will probably charge more because of the name. I didn't imply that top colleges must have good summer programs.</p>

<p>oh sorry......</p>