Summer requirement at Colorado School of Mines?

Hi, I thought I read somewhere that Colorado School of Mines requires 4 years plus a summer program? Do some majors require a summer program? Am I just imagining this? Any thoughts?

I’m pretty sure they said that when I toured, and I think it’s most, if not all, majors. It looked fun.

I think its called a “Capstone Field Session course”. I remember it being like a co op at a company during
one summer, for six weeks maybe. So I think you do pay some extra tuition for the Field session course
and they vary by major. Here is the CS Core and mentions this field session with clients–

My neighbor did his field session in petroleum out in California at an oil rig, as I remember.

Field session varies depending on major. ChemE’s have the worst one. 5 weeks in either the first or second half of summer (first half is considerably better as it’s not as hot, and the equipment hasn’t been broken numerous times). It’s taken either between junior/senior year or following senior spring. You will still be able to graduate with your class if you decide to postpone it till after senior spring.