Summer research internship in biotechnology

<p>I am a biotechnology student ,currently in my 3rd year of bachelors in India. I am looking for internships in US universities. My GPA is not that great due to some personal issues that cropped up during exams ,so I failed a few exams in college but I have potential to do research and I love science. I am currently working on a research project in India and my report is due in November. I would like to do a summer research internship in the US or UK in May-June, for 2 months. Please give me some information on this.</p>

<p>You may want to look at this one:
Summer</a> Undergraduate Research Fellowships .. S U R F .. <caltech> ..</caltech></p>

<p>But it cannot be in May-June.</p>

<p>Thanks. I checked it out. But I feel being accepted to Caltech for internship will be very difficult since my grades are bad. It's like I have cent percent in some subjects ,say for Maths I have consistently scored above 95% in exams, also in Computer programming but for Biotech/molecular biology, chem etc. I have scored 40% . Sometimes 60%, but that's rare. my sem1 overall percent is 64%, but in sem 2 I could not write all exams and my marks for the ones I wrote is very low. In sem3, I failed one biotech paper, and got very low marks in the ones I passed. In sem 4 , I got overall 60% but my marks in biotech is 40%. But in all 4 semesters so far, I have passed my chemistry and analytical biochemistry practicals with 80% or above . The thing is that my grades are low or very bad not because I am not intelligent, I have other issues. But my passion and knowledge for research in life sciences is intense enough to be able to successfully complete internship. Infact I am currently working on a research project at a premiere research institute in India in biochemistry. But I badly want to do a research project at a US or UK university but can't figure out how with my poor grades.
My dates can be flexible, need not be May-June. Can even be one semester long .</p>