Summer research programs

<p>I found some great research programs for this summer that are tailored exactly to the field I am interested in. They are all at prestigious schools, but none of them are at my home institution. Would it be to my advantage to research at my home university so that I could continue the research throughout the school year? The problem is that I am really interested in the research opportunities at these programs, and I'd almost prefer to spend my summer elsewhere instead of spending the entire year at my own university. Is an isolated summer of one research project meaningful, or is continuation necessary to make it valuable?</p>


<p>You should feel free to leave. There are pros and cons both ways. The diversity helps (pro), continuity helps (con), etc.</p>

<p>Trying to do something during the school year would be nice, too, though.</p>

<p>I'm already doing research during the school year. I think I'll keep applying to programs at other schools, just so I can try some different projects in different environments. I honestly don't think research is something I'm passionate enough about to do one project very intensely. I really just want to try out some different kinds because even though I dont like research all that much, I do enjoy practical (mental-health related) applications of my field. Is it okay to know in advance that research will not exactly be my forte, or do med schools expect that when you do research, you have to do it in a thorough and extremely goal-directed manner?</p>

<p>Certainly they would prefer successful, passionate research to failed research that you're clearly bored with. I do think many research-oriented medical schools look for students who plan on keeping research as a part -- albeit potentially a small one -- of their eventual medical careers.</p>