Summer SAT study advice

<p>This fall I will be a senior. I've taken the SAT twice, the first time scoring a 2040 (CR-700, M-640, W-700) and the second time a 1950 (CR-680, M-580, W-690). I did not study either time and this summer I am planning on practicing a lot. Do you think it is possible to raise my score to a minimum of 2100? I would ideally like to be above 2200, but the math always kills me. Is my current score of 2040 even decent at schools like Berkeley, NYU, Pepperdine, UCLA, UCSB, UCSD, Columbia, or Brown?</p>

<p>Well as you know, practice, practice, practice. Try to get the BB.
Practice makes perfect according to this forum</p>

<p>Maybe try Gruber's Math Workbook to start if you're bad at math.
There one of the best here.</p>

<p>First, there is a great math review at Free</a> SAT Math Study Guides | Dome SAT Review that teaches only the math that you'll encounter on the SAT.</p>

<p>Next, is Pepperdine even in the same league as Berkeley, NYU and UCLA? I'd like to know. That place is perfect for surfing after class.</p>

<p>Thanks! Pepperdine isn't quite as good academically but it seems like a nice place to go to school</p>