summer school questions

<p>1)Anyone going to orientation this Tuesday? What should we expect?</p>

<p>2)How rigorous are summer courses at UT?</p>

<p>3)Do you recommend taking 9 hours during one session? </p>

<p>It's ******** but I just found out like I wasted 6 hours at my last university doing Geology and Chemistry only to find out that it will not apply to UT's core curriculum.... so ****ed. So I really want to get this stuff done with so my tentative schedule for the summer is:</p>

<p>signature course
intro to bio 2
visual performing arts class</p>

<p>I've done summer classes before and honestly they weren't bad at all. I'm just worried that 9 hours may be over doing it for one month, but I'm almost certain that I can handle it considering the only difficult one will be bio 2.</p>

<p>Sounds manageable, but not too fun. The summer courses are accelerated because of the shortened semester, so you’ll just have to be able to cram the same amount of information in a shorter timespan.
You might consider re-taking those voided courses at ACC or via correspondence at another CC. Wouldn’t make sense to potentially damage your GPA just to get credit for material you’ve already learned.</p>