summer school

<p>i was thinking of going to a summer school session to become more familiar with the campus (im an out of stater) , and get some basic credits out of the way. does anyone know if this is common for incoming freshmen, and is anyone else doing summer school?</p>

<p>do you mean summer bridge....because if i do go to ucla i think im definitely doing that</p>

<p>Well, you'll become more familiar with the campus, but most people I know of are 2nd years and above who need to take summer classes in order to get ahead/graduate within 4 years. </p>

<p>AFAIK, this isn't common for freshman; I was assigned with a freshman, because he wasn't 18 and because I was deemed "not legal since I'm not 18" even though I was a 2nd year (blah). He didn't find a lot of other freshman taking the intro courses he was during summer. As an incoming freshman, I would take programs that are designed to ease the transition into college life (those that have tutors, mentors, etc.), such as AAP's FSP/TSP. Heck, UCLA Orientation is good enough for those purposes too. </p>

<p>Don't worry about getting some credits outta the way this early. You'll have time. Enjoy this last summer off, but if you must, take a 6-week session or program for the experience.</p>

<p>do you have to be asked to attend FSP/TSP, or can you apply? and what exactly is it?</p>

<p>whats your major . .. .</p>

<p>im in the college of arts and sciences..
and majoring in either international relations or biology</p>

<p>u bshould be ok if u choose your classes wisely ... id go against taking a full load of 4 classes total . . . .</p>

<p>do a lot of incoming freshman do summer school though, or would I be one of few?</p>