Summer Science Program 2022 (SSP)

This is a little early for SSP since applications open in December. However, I wanted to hear advice on essays as well as stats from SSP alumnis. I am a junior this year!

SSP 21 alum. My advice for essays is to highlight your other interests outside of STEM. For stats, I really don’t think they play an important role. I had 4.0 UW when i applied but no scores.

Do you know how much importance SSP places on olympiad awards and prior research experience?

I’m sure it would help, but it’s just one of the many ways to demonstrate a passion for science. Some people did have prior research experience. Others (like me) didn’t.

Did you apply for Astrophysics or Bio? And for either, did you have any extracurriculars in that field?

Astrophysics. Science Bowl was my main extracurricular, which I discussed in one of my essays.

hi, Im in 10th grade and I have Not taken SAT exams yet ? So, is it gonna lower my acceptance chance ?