summer session - how much work?

<p>Hi, I was just wondering how hard the lower division courses at UCSD are, and how much work a regular introductury course takes. I would like to enroll in the summer session courses, but as I am still a high school student (plus I am from the Czech Republic where I the educational system is totally different), I have really now idea how tough it might be, what the grading system is like... I do not want to ruin my chances of getting accepted into a decent college by failing the course, so any sort of help would be greatly appreciated ;) Thank you very much in advance</p>

<p>Summer sessions are known to be a bit easier than if you were to take them during the school year; however, they're still hard because
a) it's still a college course (obviously)
b) you complete courses in 5 weeks, rather than 10 weeks.</p>

<p>Expect to work hard.</p>