Summer Session

<p>To anyone who has taken summer school here at UCSD, since each session is only 5 weeks long, does that mean that the work load is incredibly fast paced and overwhelming? I'm considering taking Chem 6C, MMW 14, BILD, and possibly PHYS 1C and 1CL. And I was wondering if this would be do-able, or would it butcher my GPA. Thank you. =)</p>

<p>It all depends on the professor, the ta, how much time you have out of class to study and how much you manage your time. If you take one class per session, it will not be bad at all since you pretty much have the whole day to yourself after class. im not sure about 2 classes since i have not done it before. but yes usually each session is more fast paced since they do have to condense 10 weeks worth of material into 5 weeks although they may shave some material off due to time constrictions.</p>

<p>The classes are not condensed.</p>

<p>In a regular quarter a class may meet 2 times a week. In summer school the class will meet 4 times a week.</p>

<p>Same amount of class time, but over a shorter period of weeks.</p>

<p>I heard MMW is easier over the summer (something like fewer writing assignments / less work load).</p>

<p>I would say it's the same amount of information over fewer weeks so yes, it is probably more fast-paced. I think the key is to not fall behind; you don't have long to catch up in regular quarter system, much less in 5 weeks. just my opinion, I've never taken summer session here.</p>

<p>Summer MMW is really easy; less material and shorter research paper. Summer CHEM 6C is like regular CHEM 6C but crammed into half the time. I would suggest pairing 1 more difficult class with an easier GE type class for each summer session.</p>