Summer Sessions at Boarding Schools

<p>Does anyone know if previously doing a summer session at the boarding school you are applying to helps you with regular sessions admissions? Provided that you do well and your teachers/dorm advisors wrote you good reports.</p>

<p>Summer sessions are very useful. The teacher reports/grades are forwarded to admissions. You may also build a strong rapport with one or more teachers at the school.</p>

<p>An Exeter alumni interviewer told us informally at a meet-and-greet that if you are not accepted the first year you apply, it is helpful to go to the summer program and try applying again the next year. The problem is the summer Exeter programs are exceedingly popular and begin rolling admissions in the fall (early application is “strongly encouraged”), and are also quite expensive (7K) and require a deposit, so by the time you receive your letter March 10 for regular admissions, there may not be a spot open in the courses you want, and additional letters of recommendation are needed, along with a whole different application. Given the difficulty of coordinating the dates and applications, I suspect a call to the admissions office may be in order if you want to consider the summer program after receiving an admission decision for the school year to see if they can offer any advice.</p>

<p>For example,
If I went to a summer session last summer and did well. Then, I apply to that school. How does the completion of that Summer session help?</p>

<p>At a summer program, many members of the school community (administration, faculty, etc.) have the opportunity to get to know you. Speaking from experience, my child formed some great relationships with faculty. This is a wonderful thing by itself. It will also not hurt in the application process, though that is secondary in my opinion.</p>