summer strategy

<p>Those of you who got in - what do you recommend for my Junior son who wants to go to Claremont-McKenna and major in business or poli sci? He can either work as an intern for a local congressional office or attend a 6-week intro to business program for college credit at Georgetown. Which do you think would better help his chances of admission?</p>

<p>Either would be fine, though I don't think that it's going to play a major part in admission. The internship sounds like a better experience, in my opinion.</p>

<p>What does he want to do more? That passion will show through. Additionally, I did the most boring internship last summer and got nothing out of it but had a really fun job. While the internship might have seemed to bring more to it based off of the type of work I was doing, I was able to draw more stuff into my application from the job.</p>

<p>Thanks to both posters for your advice. He is leaning toward the internship, but it seems to be for practical reasons: he keeps reminding me of the cost of the Georgetown program (although I have reassured him endlessly that I don't mind paying for it). I, too, was concerned that he might end up just answering the phone and filing papers all summer without learning anything, but I suppose that starting "at the bottom" is a learning experience in itself. I guess I should be glad that he's so concerned with me saving my money (perhaps for Claremont...)!</p>