Summer Things to do List

Help…I’m a junior and considering some highly selective schools; Cornell Business, Villanova, UC Berkley, UTexas, Northwestern, Wharton, etc.

I need some ideas on what to do this summer.

I’m looking to major in Business and Computer Science. Currently, I am interning with Code Ninjas and should be finished by mid-May.

Some people have suggested taking a programming class from a local college. Would love to get some ideas on what your son or daughter possibly did.

Thank you.

Both of my kids worked during the summers after their respective sophomore through senior years in high school, in addition to participating on their summer swim team. Each of them was a lifeguard for one or two of those summers; my daughter also worked as a summer camp counselor for two summers, and my son worked about 20 hours per week in other jobs. The philosophy that my wife and I had was that they needed to make some money, do something that got them away from computer/phone screens, and slow down and enjoy life. They had time/opportunity during the school year for ECs.

Not everything during your high school years should be about college admissions; “stop and smell the roses” is not a bad philosophy for this time of your life, at least during the summertime.

Thank you for your insight…can I ask what schools they ended up going to and did they enjoy lifeguarding?

They enjoyed the lifeguarding – although not necessarily the two-day Red Cross certification course!

They matriculated at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (daughter) and Purdue University (son), both as out-of-state students.

Get a job or internship in an area that interests you to try it out!

My D worked in the summers, did engineering camps, shadowed, and travelled.