Summer Visit

<p>Hi, my daughter and I plan to visit Fordham during the summer. She is a HS junior and will definitly be applying in the fall. We want to visit RH and LC so that she can make a more informed decision as to which campus to apply for. Is it safe to assume that summer classes will be taking place so that it won't be totally deserted? I know the activity level won't be the same as during regular semesters, but will she still get a fairly accurate picture of each campus? </p>

<p>Also, while we are very familiar and comfortable with the area of the LC campus, we are a bit nervous about venturing out to the Bronx to visit the RH campus. Can anyone advise on the best mode of transportation? I am thinking a cab will be best for us, but is it a big deal to flag a cab in Manhattan to drive you out to the Bronx? Also, after the visit is over, is it pretty easy to find a cab to drive you back into Manhattan?</p>

<p>Sorry for what may seem like silly questions to those of you that live in NY! Thanks in advance for you help...</p>

<p>Yes to both. Summer school sessions are already advertised on the Fordham website. You can visit during those sessions. Plus its likely less humid and muggy in June, than in August. Its a GORGEOUS campus at Rose Hill. It will blow you away.</p>

<p>Its very safe. Excellent eating in Little Italy on Arthur Ave, just three blocks off Fordham Road. EVERYBODY knows how to get there and the guards at the gates will also help you. Fordham is a gated community, next to the New York Botanical Gardens and Bronx Zoo. The Gardens are very famous and worth the visit by the way.</p>

<p>If you are staying in Manhattan you have several options. Take the RamVan service from LC to RH, frequent hourly service. It wont cost much and its direct. Or take the New Haven Line of Metro North (Westchester-Fordham Road) from Grand Central Station. Don't take the subway its a hassle and you are several LONG blocks up Fordham Road. The train stops at Fordham's gates. Its safe, clean and very convenient. </p>

<p>Dont take the cab back and forth between campuses. Expensive and silly. Take the train or the RamVan. </p>

<p>Both campuses are very special and very different. LC is in one building. They have HUGE plans for expansion and improving facilities there. New dorms are opening for Fordham at RH in May for upperclassmen. See the website at and the Excelsior capital campaign for details and pics. Do a webcam search as well.</p>

<p>Academically both campuses are very similar with some differences in offerings, but students can (and do) take classes at both. RH is a classic college contained campus. LC is a classic urban campus, like a mini NYU. </p>

<p>Good luck!</p>