summer - what should i do/have done?

<p>So i applied to COSMOS, but didn't really work on my app that hard. I think i have a pretty low chance of getting in (biomedical sciences at UCD) being a freshman.</p>

<p>What are some other options? CTY? I went there last year, should i go again?
Stanford EPGY? I don't really know much about it...</p>

<p>So what's the most prestigious camp for a freshman? It doesn't have to be math/science.</p>

<p>Bump!!!!!!!!! ,</p>


<p>Honestly, i don't think many camps offer courses to freshmen...</p>

<p>as most I've seen are sophomore and Junior oriented...</p>

<p>Correct me if im wrong, and that is just my opinion...
hope that helped.</p>

<p>*EPGY targets soph/juniors</p>

<p>Summer</a> Program :: Equinox</p>

<p>takes freshmen!</p>


<p>thanks so much ns2583!
how does equinox stack up with summer@brown</p>

<p>Well, I posted in your other thread... but it should be around the same "level" (:p for lack of better word) as CTY...</p>