Summers Scholars Program

Daughter got an invitation to apply. Can anyone who attended in the past couple of years share their thoughts on the program. Is it worth the money?

I’m debating this as well. They say they give priority consideration for merit scholarships but I’m skeptical of that. I met a girl at a Christmas party this past year who did attend summer scholars and felt it was a positive experience.

They also say it gives you a foot up for consideration in the honors programs. Would be interesting to know how many of their presidential scholars did it (their most competitive honors/scholarship program).

I know a couple of kids who did it and all found it to be a good experience. One parent told me it made it easier for their kid to imagine college in general, not just Miami. They felt it helped in thinking about where they wanted to apply, what they should stress in apps etc. No first hand experience for my kids though.

My S18 did the Summer Scholars program following his junior year. He thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and I thought it was extremely beneficial as well. S was invited to the Honors College and received a merit scholarship in line with Miami’s posted numbers. D21 has decided to apply for this summer- hopefully it will still happen and she’s not too late in the process. My

Hello Everyone! I don’t know if this thread is still active, but I was wondering if any of you all applied for the program this summer. If so, have you heard back? How long did it take? Thanks.