Summit Program

Just when S18 thinks he is close to finalizing his college list, new schools come into the mix. LaSalle is one of them and he is interested in their Digital Arts program. I like bridge programs and wondered about the Summit program.

@newjerseygirl98 please share your detailed experiences and if it has helped you maintain a steady GPA freshman year. What did you like the best? What would you change?

Regarding campus life how are the dorms and other activities for students. Finally do you feel safe on campus.

@magnetnh Was you son invited to attend the Summit Program? If so, do you know the exact date?

@annamom No, my son is interested in applying to LaSalle. He is currently a junior c/o 2018.

@magnetnh I missed the part on 18.

@annmom No problem - if you find out any info then feel free to share.