<p>Dear Ms. Mann,</p>

<pre><code>I would like to thank you for taking your time in helping me in my college process. I’m truly glad I decided to take your class my senior year because you are a big part of why this year has been exciting. I can very much say that you are the most interesting and unique teacher I’ve encountered. Your reputation precedes you and I have not been let down with your class, but if anything re-invigorated. While, I must admit it is not what I expected somewhat I’ve been able to get a lot of my ideas from the contents explored in AP European History. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I like to make something a lot more complicated than it really is such as the self-damaging lengthy responses on chapter reviews, but this class has shown me that the complicated route isn’t always necessarily the best route. I feel that your class is part of a huge base that adds on to my overall knowledge. I also must admit that I’ve been humbled by how much I didn’t know and have learned in your class.

I chose you as a recommendation because not only are you my favorite teacher but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to have a teacher who teaches in areas I might want to major in or where my strength lies. I know that there is no better person to recommend me to Rhodes College than you. I feel that I could adjust to any type of higher education but I believe that a Liberal Arts education suits more of my needs and wants. Being more of a conceptual and abstract kind of person I’ve always loved philosophy and to know that there are colleges out there that emphasize the social sciences gives me great satisfaction. I am hardly beginning my life’s journey and don’t know where I will be in the next 5 or 10 years but I have no doubt that curriculums that colleges like Rhodes provides will have a great and positive impact on the direction I want my future to take. Just as your class has built up my knowledge I know Rhodes will be able build upon it also and that both will prepare me in the realms of the workforce and in grad school. There is no degree of thanks that can express the time and help you are giving me. Thank you so much with this opportunity but most of all thanks for going beyond your job in all you do.

                    Very graciously,

                    Sony Prosper


<p>Sony Prosper</p>

<pre><code>I have great interest in Rhodes College as an Undergrad applicant. I was born in Gonaives, Haiti and I know English, French, Creole. I’m a state ranked runner in Georgia and I love to write reviews for books the most recently being on Charles Dickens Great Expectations which was recently published in the hard copy of Teen Ink. I weekly help the Young Turks a radio and Internet talk show airing on Sirius Satellite Radio by sending videos which I think provides a healthy debate. I’m a summer volunteer and yearly tutor at McDonough Public Library and my dream job has always been to be a lawyer because I remember as a kid in third grade I thought being a lawyer would get me a big library with a vast amount of books. My possible majors are International relations, Political Science, or Pre-Law.

Cross Country
XC Captain
2008 Coaches Award
2007-2009 All-Region Team
2007-2009 All-County Team
3 time Varsity Letter Winner
School Record Holder 5k
2007-2009 Individual State Qualifier
2007-2009 Team State Qualifiers
State-Ranked 2007-2009
Henry County XC Runner of the Year
Honorable Mention for Athlete of the Year
Best 5k time of 15:54
2009 2-AAAAA Cross Country Ind. Region Champion
2009 Cross Country Golden Spike Award
Track & Field
Varsity Letter-2010
Team Captain
State Qualifier- 3200m
VP of French Club
French II Student of the Year
Governor's Honors Program Nominee in the Area of French</li>

<p>UGHS Book Club
Public Relations Officer
Plan on reading all the Books on the Georgia Star List </p>

<p>Mountain Brook Community Reading Club
Leading Reader in that I've read over 50 books this year the latest being There Eyes Were Watching God, Don Quixote, The Iron Heel, MacBeth, A Brave New World, Sea-Wolf, White Fang, 1984, The Colony(The Harrowing True Story Of the Exiles of Molokai), and Call of the Wild.
Semi-Finalist in National Indie Excellence Awards Current Events Political/Social</p>

<p>Atlanta Track Club
Regular Volunteer
Recieved Recognition for part in Peachtree 10k the past two years.
Help with anything from youth meets to master meets on the weekends</p>

<p>McDonough Public Library
Summer Work Volunteer
Study Hall Tutor for History
McDonough Public Library Young Adult Newsletter contributor
Vacation Reading Program Reader for the little children- Summer of '09</p>

<li>Special Projects
Political Campaigns/Debate Team
Constantly watch anything from a mainstream Fox News to progressive satellite station Young Turks.
Campaigned for local Henry County politicians.</li>

<p>Walking it Out
Active fitness group me and a friend have organized; raise funds for community trips, health awareness and intertwined with the Mountain Brook Reading Club.</p>