Sunday 9/28 Move-In Day

<p>So my son has a Sunday move-in date and move-in time is 8AM - 5PM. I am about 5-6 hours away from the school in LA. </p>

<p>What is better? To stay over on 9/27 Saturday night and get him moved in earlier?
Or starting driving from LA early on Sunday to try to arrive around noon and then spend the night on Sunday night before heading back down to LA. I don’t want to rush and don’t want to try to do the trip in one day sleepy. </p>

<p>What has worked out the best in the past for others?</p>

<p>There’s nothing wrong with moving in a day earlier. When I lived in the dorms, my roommate, suitemates, and I were all supposed to move in on Sunday, but my roommate decided to move in a day early on Saturday and our RA was fine with it. </p>

<p>This is good news. I really need the Saturday and Sunday for move in and travel. Thanks!</p>

<p>My son 2nd year is also slated to move in on Sunday, but unfortunately I cannot get time off from work to travel back on Monday so he is sending an email to housing to let them know he will move in on Saturday. We did the Sunday move-in last year and found 3 out of his 5 roommates already moved in 1 day early. I do not think it should be a problem but move-in early that day. By noon, there was a huge line of cars. We are driving up Friday for the Saturday move-in and driving home Sunday. We live 6 hours away also.</p>

<p>We drove up early and spent the night in the south Davis hotels, just to get there, eat dinner and get sleep to be physically ready for the move in.<br>
We’re in San Diego, so it takes us 9 hours.</p>