Sunday SAT v. Saturday

<p>Is it the same test administered during the Sunday SAT as it is during the Saturday the day before? I have a religious friend taking the test tomorrow and I'm wondering whether or not I can discuss the test I took today with him or whether it would be considered cheating?</p>

<p>Thank you.</p>

<p>Different tests, CollegeBoard isn't retarded. :)</p>

<p>If its the same test i believe that would be extremely unfair since most of the answers are discussed here already.</p>

<p>:) Ok good. Just making sure.</p>

<p>That seems sort of unfair. If its different questions then how can they compare them when they curve?</p>

<p>I take the test Sunday for religious reasons and ya it's a different test.
The most frustrating thing is that Sunday test takers can't get a Q&A packet. Ahhh I'm taking them tomorrow and I'm so nervous. Oh and because of day light savings--1 hour less sleep for me:)!!!</p>

<p>@redjohn–me too! :slight_smile: but y can’t u get was service for the test? Isn’t that only for march testing? Also I heard the tests were the same which seems really unfair? If you google other threads people are complaining and someone said her friend took Sunday testing and it was the same test…</p>

<p>Link to thread in which student claims that Sunday test was the same as Saturday? That certainly does not seem to be normal practice. Released May Sunday tests have always been different from released May Saturday tests.</p>