Sunless Tanning Products

<p>Can’t use Hollywood as the control group, EK. They have been exposed to too much crap both from the inside and outside, so there is no way one can trace the consequences to any particular cause, except maybe in the sad case of the group that filmed the Conqueror.</p>

<p>I was TIC, although I have been using stuff like qt since the 1970’s.</p>

<p>Not directed at the OP… It amazes me that some people who treat their internal organs with care (eat well, watch for artificial this and that, exercise, meditate…) completely forget that skin is the largest organ - and not just a wrapper for the rest. </p>

<p>I don’t use spray anything and what I do use is just on my legs, but I agree they are full of chemicals.
Are dermatologists recommending we now get regular suntans instead?</p>

<p>Since we are exposed to so many chemicals through our skin, perhaps we need better water filters too.
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<p>Ask a dermatologist and you will get the predictable answer: untannned skin is beautiful. ;)</p>

<p>^^That would be my answer too. And it’s especially true in people who are middle-aged or older. A few decades of sun damage from tanning really make holding the line on aging a lot more difficult. Skip the tan and stay beautiful. </p>

<p>so is there one that doesnt smell? I dont want to use one frequently, but I’m going to a wedding in calif and I dont want to be pale.</p>

<p>There aren’t any that don’t smell, because it’s the chemical that causes the reaction that causes the ‘tan’. But I’ve seen better ‘leg makeup’ in the store that give a hint of color to the legs and arms-- names like “Airbrush”, etc. I’ve used them before-- maybe that’s an option? </p>

<p>Dr recommended.
My dermatologist reminds me that they dont generally have SPF, so I mix them or find one that does.
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