Sunless Tanning Products

<p>As a 'woman of a certain age', the sun has begun to do it's number on my skin. I'm not a fan of the year-round paleness of my fair skin and would like to have a little color. I certainly don't long for the days of lying out in the sun slathering on baby oil mixed with iodine! (This dreadful winter has me counting down the days until Spring.) </p>

<p>So, I'm looking for recommendations of favorite sunless tanners. I've used Jergen's Natural Glow which is cheap and easy to use. It doesn't leave orange streaks--another plus for self-tanners. But, I'm thinking there must be a better product out there. </p>

<p>I’ve used Neutrogena’s sunless tanning cream and liked it. I picked it based on reviews, but I don’t think there is perfect product.</p>

<p>I have tried many, as well, and prefer the Neutrogena product.
How does Nicole Kidman pull the pale look off??</p>

<p>Are there any that don’t have that strange smell?</p>

<p>I often use L’oreal, Ive tried a few others, including ones that were twice as expensive but I like the consistency the best.
I dont know if Ive ever seen one in real life that looked as good as the ads, but I only use it a little bit, not to get a dark “tan”.
The L’Oreal just gives a glimmer of color, so it is easy to use every other day or so.
Being hydrated helps your skin look better too.</p>

<p>I use Jergens Natural Glow at the beginning of the season just so my legs aren’t blindingly white. But I also hat the smell of this category of product. I do wish they would figure out a way to make a self-tanner that didn’t have that funky smell.</p>

<p>A suggestion: mix some of your favorite tanner into your moisturizer and use daily. I use neutrogena tanner and various mosturizers, nothing fancy. I mix up a batch about once per month. This approach prevents my blindingly white skin from taking on an orange glow or looking too sparkly.</p>

<p>Brown shoe polish should work.</p>

<p>Isn’t it better to go to a sunless tanning salon? For more even coverage?</p>

<p>There are reports out there that the chemicals in these sunless tanning lotions mess up your ovaries, so be careful.</p>

<p>I had a research project once that involved studying patents covering some of these sunless tanners. After that exercise, I’m not very tempted to smear them on my body.</p>

<p>Clarins has an excellent line of sunless tanning products. Pricey, but worth it, IMO. </p>

<p>@makennacompton‌ & @BunsenBurner‌ </p>

<p>Wow…DD wants to do a session at the sunless tanning salon right before prom. This sounds pretty scarey.</p>

<p>Well if my ovaries are shutting down can I use them?
Redheads dont tan.</p>

<p>Sunless tanning salon=spray tan ???</p>

<p>Let’s be real. It’s probably just a matter of time till they find out these lotions cause X,Y or Z. </p>

<p>Can’t remember the name, but Clarins has a product that I like (got it at sephora). You mix 2 or 3 drops with your regular moisturizer and it gives a little color to your face. It’s very natural looking.</p>

<p>Some of the ingredients have been around since the '20s. There must be something known about their long term effects.</p>

<p>Tanning lotions that provide a brown fake tan… are really bad for you</p>

<p>How about the orange ones?
Anyone in Hollywood dying from strange liver cancers?
Hows Matthew McConaughy doing?</p>