SUNY Admissions

Hello again, I just got back my first semester junior grades and I got a 88 unweighted average. My weighted gpa overall is now a 83.5 my unweighted is around a 81. I have decided that I’m only applying to SUNY four years and SUNY two years. I’m taking my first shot at the sat in March. I’m looking into schools such as Fredonia, Plattsburgh, canton, Oswego, Brockport, Potsdam and geneseo as a reach. Do I have a shot at these school considering my upward trends? What sat score should I be aiming for to significantly help my chances of gaining admissions to these schools. I can get my weighted gpa up to 85 if I include senior year on transcripts. Will I have a shot at these schools with such grades.

Sorry for the long post I have zero help my school has 4000 kids in it and 3 college counselors so I’m going through this process basically on my own.

I’m also applying to SUNY two years such as SUNY Adirondack tc3 SUNY Broome and maybe Mohawk valley they all have dorms

I did fail a semester of math in freshman and sophomore year freshman I got a 55 and sophomore I got a 52. But this semester in junior year I got a 91. So would these two failed classes derail my application.

Your post is not long at all. First, I am guessing that your high school does not have Naviance ( a computer program accessible to students which shows admissions statistics for specific schools for students in your HS). Sounds like your guidance counselor is busy with other issues, but any teacher or person in the main office will know if you have Naviance. If you get a blank stare, take it as a ‘no.’

You have a solid B average. Not bad at all. I would say that an ACT of 25-27 is a good score for you, or an SAT of 1200. I looked up the average GPA’s and test scores for the SUNy’s you mentioned and you are in play with your GPA. Be sure to take the most rigorous courses you can handle next year. What happens in the first semester senior year does matter.

Do you know what you want to study? That might matter for some of these schools (they might have some which are tougher to get accepted into). Geneseo is a reach, as is Binghamton, but That shouldn’t stop you from applying.

PS my husband is a SUNY Oswego grad and he LOVED it there. And while he never saw a grade as high as a B in high school, he eventually got his doctorate and is a practicing clinical psychologist now. So aim high! You are doing great!

@cypresspat I’m interested in business/undeclared.

Okay, business is offered almost everywhere in the SUNY system. I think you are in a good spot and it is getting better. Prepare for the SAT. My son used an online program (I believe Khan Academy has a free one which many use); study a bit every day - 15 minutes a day is fine. Take the timed practice teats to see where yo are. You have time so yo can take it again in the spring if you are not happy with your score. Preparation can help a lot.

For your courses next year, make sure you take the most rigorous math and English course you can handle. The level of courses you take matters as much as your GPA. Will you be able to visit any of the schools? That will help you decide which ones are a best fit for you.

Also, have you had a discussion about what you can afford? Have you run the net price calculator online for any of the schools to understand what kind of aid you might be eligible for?

I think you have a realistic list. Yes, Geneseo is your reach. You might want to add Oneonta and Albany in the mix.

@cypresspat my current classes I’m taking junior year are italian 3, algebra 2/trig, Astronomy, common core US History, common core English 3, and a career technical education class.

I’m aiming to take ap government next year and my math teacher says I’m in the running for ap statistics or to skip pre Calc and go to ap calc. And I’m also probably eligible for English composition and lit ap. I’m also taking college extension Italian. As far as science I don’t know what I’m doing yet I might take ap chem or physics honors.

Does anyone know if the two failed math semesters in freshman (55) and sophomore (52) will it derail my application

I know how you feel in 8th grade I was 4 points away from failing Algebra I and Earth Science and a had 81 gpa for the first few years of high school eventually I managed to bring my gpa to a 95 at the end of junior year.
Good on you for improving your grades so much and taking all those APs I took Lang and stats and they’re pretty difficult so don’t beat yourself up if you don’t completely excel in them cuz they’re weighted so if you get like an 85 the colleges will calculate it as a 95 on your transcript. So those classes will might bring you up to a B+ or A-.
I’ve talked to the admissions counselors from Bing, Albany, and Oswego and they said as long as long as your grades show an upward progression and you take more challenging courses than you are and they’ll still give you a chance.
Don’t stress yourself to much about failing those classes but you have to work your butt of for the rest of high school to show colleges you aren’t the same person who failed those classes.

If I may offer a bit more advice, take AP Calc, not Stats. Also if you can swing either, AP Lit or Comp. Adding AP Chem would push you over the top. Your 4 year GPA won’t matter that much if you do well in those three courses your senior year. You would have one of the more rigorous HS schedules among all seniors and would put yourself in a different league. Wouldn’t be easy, but would make up for any issues you had as a freshman. I think all of the SUNYs would be in play for you, then, except maybe Stonybrook, since it is so heavy on the sciences.

@cypresspat can you put the schools I mentioned into a range for me. For example safety match target or reach. I’m having tough time determining this. Thank you.

@siny37 Here is a .pdf with all the 4yr SUNY schools listing 25th/75th percentile GPA, SAT and ACT. Should give you a fairly good idea where you might fit in.

SUNY New Paltz is now sending out requests for mid year grades from applicants - supposedly any EA/ED applicants deferred to RD and about 40% of All applicants will receive this request.