SUNY Albany or Buffalo for Accounting

Got directly admitted to both Business schools. I know that Albany built a relatively new state of the art business school with a high placement rate for accounting students. At the same time Buffalo is ranked higher for business and may have more resources as a school overall, but I’ve heard for accounting specifically, Albany may be better. Albany also appeals to me much more than the Western NY area to make connections in. Binghamton I got in but have to transfer into the business school which I heard is hard to do. So does anyone have advice on what to do, especially those who have been faced with the same situation? From what I’m gathering it seems that the difference between Albany and Buffalo is negligible for business so I should just go to whichever school I see myself at more. Thanks in advance for your advice!

I’ve done tons of reading on this (all over the internet) and I came to the same conclusion. Both programs are extremely respected and it is more important to do well, whichever program you go to. My child is a year behind you and will likely have to make the same choice. I hope you give feedback down the road. Good luck!!!