SUNY at Albany Class of 2023

we applied 11/13 and just got acceptance email today.

Congratulations karab1022! My son applied 11/10… hopefully he will hear today ?

What time did he get the email?

the email said 4:15

My son got accepted yesterday yay! ??

Applied the week before Thanksgiving and haven’t heard back yet. Does anyone know when we should/can expect decisions? I’m not sure if we should be concerned that we haven’t heard anything yet besides application is complete.

Just got accepted yesterday!
GPA: 87
SAT: 1250

I also submitted my application in on Jan. 1st so I heard back quickly!

I also submitted my application in on Jan. 1st so I heard back quickly!

Applied Nov 15th - still no update to portal.
Pre-PA Major

Unweighted GPA 90 / 3.6
Weighted GPA 98 / 3.92
SAT 1210
ACT 28

Email came today. Accepted!

DD accepted back in December. School of Business, In-state, 3,7 weighted, 1300 SAT, AP classes, IB classes, athlete, student gov, other clubs, activities, etc.

My daughter was accepted EA on December 19th but she still hasn’t received anything in the mail yet. Has anyone received a packet yet??

@kdawn30 I haven’t yet either, I’m also still wondering where they’ll announce scholarship decisions

Hi my son is NJ resident. We didn’t get any mail. Just portal acceptance and his merit scholarship was included in his online acceptance.

My daughter was accepted back in December (EA). She was notified she’s been awarded a scholarship, via email, a few weeks ago.

Son was accepted into Chemistry. OOS (New Jersey)
GPA 3.4
SAT 1320
Merit Aid $9,000/year (needs to keep a minimum GPA. 3.0 or 3.2, I think).

Any feedback or knowledge of the Honors College?

Nope, haven’t heard anything back about the Honors College. Has anyone gotten their financial package yet?

Our merit package came w admissions. We don’t qualify for need based.