SUNY at Albany Class of 2023

I haven’t heard back yet but I wanted to make this thread for when people get their acceptances! Post your stats too
GPA: 3.7711 W
SAT: 1290/1300 (1300 is superscore)

Gpa: 4.0 UW
SAT: 1220
Still waiting for decision, but I got into buffalo last week

GPA: 4.5 weighted
SAT: 1350
ACT: 30
Total of 9 AP classes by end of senior year, including AP Seminar & AP Research
Applied EA - still wait8mg for decision

when do decisions start coming out?

No rolling EA decisions release this year.

They will release all EA decisions (all at the same time) at end of the year/new year.

Their website says decisions for EA will begin 12/1 but clearly that isn’t accurate.

I got the info directly from the admission office. They said this is much more fair that everyone get the decision at the same time. So we have to wait till they completed all the EA applications. They projecting last week of December or first of the year (which is next couple of weeks).

Just got in!

I got accepted into school of business!!
GPA- 94 UW
29 ACT, 1320 SAT
I was also awarded the presidential scholarship :slight_smile:

My daughter just got in!

In State
UW GPA 3.28
ACT 31

This her financial safety so she most likely will not attend unless disaster strikes.

I got in!

GPA: 3.22 UW, 3.55 W
SAT: 11/70
Extracurriculars: Class President, Student Council treasurer, yearbook editor
Class rank: N/A

Huh, looks like they are posting EA decisions now. My son just got in.

Accepted, 3.77 W, 1290 SAT, instate

Was your portal updated or did you get mail? And if you were awarded scholarship how did you receive notice of that?

The portal was updated, and i didn’t get a scholarship but i know someone who did and they got it through the portal

Thank you! He got in for a major in history. NJ resident; $12k presidential scholarship. 91.79 unweighted gpa; 1340 SAT. 3 AP classes; solid extra curriculars.

Hi!, My son missed early action… he applied 11/10. Has anyone who applied around this time heard back yet?

For those who were accepted, did you receive an email that a decision was made telling to to check portal?

@Gus12345 Yes

we applied RD in November and my son just got an email today that he was accepted. we are in NJ. Applied Undecided. 3.0, 1120, small non-ny state merit award.