SUNY at Albany Class of 2024

Hey you guys thought I’d start early and try to post my stats.
I applied on November 1 for early action.

GPA: 3.9 Weighted (94.7)
SAT: 1320/1300 (1340 superscored: 640 Math, 700 English)
Volunteer/Work Experience: 3 internships, 300+ hours of community service (on application)
Leadership in Clubs: President of Academic Challenge, Vice President of Science Olympiad, Vice President of Interact Club, NHS Officer
I have an obscene amount of clubs I put on my app so pm if you really want to know.

Would be great if yall could tell me if I had a shot at the honors college. I’ll be sure to post my acceptance once it comes

My daughter just got her acceptance through the portal at 4:35 this afternoon. There is no mention of if she received a scholarship, merit aid or if she was accepted into the Honors College. She certainly has the grades for a scholarship so I am concerned that nothing was mentioned in her acceptance letter. This is kind of a safety school, so if she wasn’t offered a scholarship here I am going to start getting nervous about scholarships or acceptances to other schools like SUNY Stonybrook or Binghamton. Maybe this information comes later?

Son accepted EA Monday 11/18, with no mention of merit scholarships or honors college. Finally received email today saying those would start being awarded late December/January.
94 gpa
1430 SAT
A few honors/AP classes
Good ECs

Early Action Applicant
In State
GPA 3.64
SAT 1310
A few extracurriculars, a lot of volunteering hours and 2 jobs.
Moved to the United States junior year of high school.

Accepted yesterday as an Economics major!

Got accepted on 11/25 for Psychology (stats are the first comment)
My acceptance letter made no mention of honors college acceptance or scholarships.
I also applied for the direct medical program but the acceptance letter said I’d know by February if I got in.
I remember this being my first acceptance so I can’t even describe the relief I felt knowing that I got accepted to at least one school.

Got accepted to Oswego on Nov 27th and UB on Dec 5th.

Hi, I actually got into UAlbany for Psychology too! I plan on double majoring with East Asian studies. I can’t seem to remember if I was told whether I was admitted to the honors college but earlier this month I was told I received the presidential scholarship which is 5k a year. I’m not sure if I plan on going yet, since I still have a lot more colleges to apply to and it depends where I get in and how much it all costs. So far I’ve also been accepted to Binghamton, Hofstra, Pace and Fordham (not going) also, but the last 3 are pretty expensive schools.

I applied early action in NY with a 97 gpa and 1210 SAT score and have still not received my decision. December’s almost over and I’m starting to worry!

I also applied EA and haven’t heard anything. I emailed them and they said within two weeks I would hear back; that was about two weeks ago lol. I believe they r doing out of state responses first. So, just hang in there, with those stats i’m sure you’ll get in

DS heard earlier in the month. He did EA Business Analytics. We are OOS. This week he received an email that he is able to apply to the honors college. I don’t think he’s going to do that because I think he wants to stay closer to home and he was also surprised to get that email…maybe everyone gets it?

Thanks for the info. I will have son look at his email. I didn’t realize honors college required a separate application. (Each school so different, am having trouble keeping them straight!)

My daughter applied 11/25, RD. She still hasn’t heard, anyone else?


Thanks! Seems like some have heard…it’s making her nervous!

DS applied EA and was deferred to RD for midterm grades
gpa 3.0 SAT 1220
He has friends with (much) better SAT who applied RD and were accepted

Yes it appears that those who have heard back quickly for RD have very good SAT scores and high GPA’s.

My son applied 1/12 and heard back 1/14. Got Presidential Scholarship email on 1/20. His SAT was 1280, but weighted GPA was ~100-101 plus had taken 6 APs already and 2 this year.

Son just got admission notice.


My daughter applied EA and was deferred to RD. Anxiously waiting to hear back… anyone else in the same boat? She had an interview a few weeks ago that was scheduled locally and she said it went well. Not sure when they will send a final decision.