SUNY at Binghamton Class of 2025 Decisions

Anyone hear from SOM?

If you get into Bing you may want to reconsider Syracuse…

Is the BAP program worth going to Binghamton for?

Newhouse is a great option. Idk how I could turn it down.

I just got into Harpur for fall 2021 after being deferred from SOM in January


I got into Harpur after being deferred EA. This took way too long but I’m happy I got in. Still probably going to Newhouse since it’s such a good school.
94 wGPA
1390 SAT
16 APs/DEs/Honors
Solid ECs
Good Common App Essay and LOR

D accepted to Harpur after deferred EA to SOM 4.2 weighted gpa test optional 7 APs.

Accepted into Harpur after being deferred but for the spring 2022 semester

Update: Got accepted to Harpur.


@collegeapp2020s my son has a friend who took part in the BAP. Other than classes, he was always with the Bing students. Ultimately, after his first year he could have become a full time Bing student but decided to transfer to an OOS (he ultimately wanted a rah rah experience). I suggest calling the school and trying to talk with students who were part of it (pre-COVID).

Yes- if the goal is to get into Binghamton and that’s a top choice, absolutely yes.

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Is anybody else still waiting to hear from Watson?

Just got accepted in state today.

Waitlisted at SOM

Got accepted to Watson

We were also waitlisted at SOM, I wonder if there will be any movement after Ivy decision day, April 6, because if not I think it will be in May which is rough… sigh.

Will you be committing to another school first?


By May 1, yes.