SUNY at Buffalo vs. UT-Austin vs. NYU -family


<p>I am an international student in the SUNY at Buffalo. I applied to UT-Austin and NYU this fall as a sophomore transfer. Today I received a notice of my acceptance from UT-Austin; however, I am still waiting from NYU, which probably I won't hear until the end of November. In any case, given the circumstances that I get into NYU as well, I would have to give up on my trips back to my motherland every summer, and work instead to cover some of its ridiculously high tuition. My question is, where should I go? :) Any suggestions would be helpful. I am more leaning towards UT-Austin at this time, since it's a solid school and has great employment potential. However, here in the SUNY I work in the office of the VP as a Media Coordinator Assistant... I don't know if I should give up my "competitive" job for UT-Austin...grrr. You get it. I am confused. </p>

<p>P.S. I am an Economics major.</p>

<p>To be more precise, If I get admitted to NYU, is it worth of giving up on my trips back to home and live like a third estate? Or should I just go to UT-Austin and live a normal live. It would have been a no-brainer, had the tuition for NYU been a little less. Obviously, if I don't get into NYU.. I am going to UT-Austin.</p>

<p>I am sorry, it sounds kinda complicated.</p>