SUNY Binghamton VS UMASS-Amherst

Hello I am an international applicant from South Korea and I’ve got admitted to both universities above.
SUNY with major of Education, and UMASS with major of Undelcared, plus 6000$ per year.
Where do you advice me to go? For addition, I want to study hotel management, my late dream which I had after graduating high school…
So, where should I go? Please consider about opportunities of experience that I can not get from my country and educational quality. (Money does not matter actually…)
Thank you… please help me…:frowning:

They are giving you a $6,000 stipend for each year? Go to UMass!

How can you get into hotel management with an Education degree? And I am not sure what does “plus $6000” means. Is that scholarship or loan, yearly for 4 years or one time first year? Does any of them offer hotel management? Which offer is lower total cost?

If you want some helpful advice more information about you would help. What is your educational background, scores, grades and what type of school are you looking for?

None of this relevant, @lostacount - this student has already been admitted! Please read before posting.

@JADKJOFE - Look at the course catalogs for the two schools and see which one offers courses that will advance you towards your goal of hotel management. If you’re not sure what courses you need, look at the required curriculum in Cornell’s hotel management program, and see which of the two schools you’ve been admitted to offers any of those courses.

@lostaccount @dodgersmom‌
As I have mentioned, my dream of hotel management has been arosed after graduating from high school, not during school years. Furthermore, 6000$ is a scholorship per academic year for 4 years. I’ve got 2050 in SAT and 106 in TOEFL. I want to major a hospitallity programs in university. Then, would it better to go to Umass Amherst as undeclared and choose to major hotel management in the ISENBERG? Thanks for your help thank you!! :slight_smile:

Binghamton doesn’t have an education major, so I’m not sure what exactly you were admitted to. We definitely don’t have a hotel program, though, whereas UMass at least does, so that’d be my pick.

I’ll repeat: Cornell has a recognized and well-establishedprogram in hotel management. Compare the required curriculum with the course offerings at Binghamton and UMass-AMherst. Or do you need us to look this up for you?

dodgersmom, I had read her background. Was interested in whether her background was traditional academic or if she had a background more consistent with hotel management, etc.