Suny Brockport Fredonia or New Paltz

<p>I'm from long island and was originally planning on going to college in florida was accepted to pbsc but had a change of mind. Now i want to go upstate my major would be finance. I know bing would be the best for my major but don't think ill get in due to low test scores i scored a 19 on act and 1150 on sat. Can someone share information that would be helpful in my college search thanks, also if you jus have knowledge on the surrounding areas not just the school that would be helpful as well</p>

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<p>Go to the site and put in your major; it will tell which schools offer it and which may still have space for next year.</p>

<p>NP is a cutesy little town similar to Port Jeff or Port Wash on LI. My D thought it was too close to LI for her taste. I know several kids there from LI and they often come home although I don't think that NP is necessarily a suitcase school.</p>

<p>There are other SUNYs you might get in to - Oswego, Oneonta, Plattsburgh, Purchase.</p>

<p>Okay i just applied to the three schools i mentioned earlier plus suny plattsburgh all of the schools offer my major so do you know any info about the other towns brockport specifically</p>

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<p>The only thing I know about Brockport is that it used to be known for its gym teacher programs and that it's even further from LI than Plattsburgh...</p>

<p>My kids do not have any friends who are at Brockport and I don't have any friends whose kids are there...</p>

<p>Most of the schools have official and unofficial FB pages, you might look at those. Also, call the schools you are interested in and ask to speak to a student in your major, preferably one from LI. A lot of the schools have programs where they will match a prospective student with a current one. Even though school is over or just about over, the admissions office can give you contact info or take yours and have one of the students contact you. </p>

<p>Good luck...</p>

<p>Okay thanks for your help.. Does anyone know which one of these sunys would be best for a finance major? Also how is the economy and job markets? i want to live off campus so id have to be able to find work. Im refferring to suny new paltz fredonia brockport and plattsburgh</p>

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<p>Economics</a> and Finance Program at SUNY Plattsburgh - Major in Finance</p>

<p>This is the link to the finance program at Plattsburgh. I know nothing about it as the kids I know who are there are majoring in other things.</p>

<p>The dorms are about $6K or so for next year and the all inclusive meal plan is about $3,400. You can get a cheaper meal plan and possibly a cheaper dorm if you tripled. You can live off campus for what I understand are reasonable amounts but it would depend on your living arrangements. There is a lot of off campus housing fairly close to the school, which is not that large. It's a very walkable or bikable campus.</p>

<p>The school offers non work study jobs - if you're a really good student, you might be able to tutor. Some departments also hire students. For non-school jobs, there's a Walmart, a Target, Price Chopper, Staples, lots of restaurants, hotels, etc.. Kids who want/need to work seem able to find jobs. </p>

<p>Coming from LI, Plattsburgh is kind of a little run down, blue collar but the people are very nice and it's not a horrible place. The school seems well integrated into the town. </p>

<p>I found New Paltz to be too hippy dippy, druggie for my taste and I didn't care for the superior attitude of the admissions people (this is SUNY, not Yale!).</p>

<p>I know nothing about Brockport or Fredonia but may be looking at them for my next child...</p>