SUny chances

<p>i got a 85 average and got a 390 grammer 410 math 490 writing first time i took it can u tell me what suny schools i can get in to also i have over 200 service hours and do a program in fordam university in which is the reason y i have no extracurricular activitys</p>

<p>Maybe you should go to a community college, do really well there, and then transfer to Geneseo or somewhere like that. You'd have a much better chance, because based on your SAT scores, it'd be pretty hard to get into a good SUNY. It'd be better to try for a good SUNY than to go to one that's like the equivalent of a community college.</p>

<p>I think if you raise your SAT score you have a chance at some decent SUNYs but I agree with oneheadlight.</p>