SUNY Cortland Class of 2023!!!

Hi! I wanted to make this thread for SUNY Cortland class of 2023 to post their stats, and if they committed or not! Also to ask questions and get advice!
I applied EA to Cortland in late October (around the 17th I think).
Here are my stats and major-
GPA-95.67 (weighted)
SAT-1210 (superscored)
7 AP classes and 6 dual enrollment classes, 3 season varsity athlete, multiple clubs and extracurriculars, various honor societies and a lot of community service.
I am committed to Cortland and payed my deposit last week!
I look forward to seeing everyone on campus next fall :-*

I was accepted and did not commit,
GPA: 3.7711 weighted
SAT: 1300 Superscored
A bunch of honors, APs, and ECs