SUNY Cortland

Stopped at this school en route to Syracuse U and did a drive around campus and the town. We did not take the official campus tour. The town was frighteningly depressed and downtrodden and it made me worried about safety, and wondering where kids would even get jobs or internships in such an environment. The school itself seems to offer just what my daughter needs but the above-mentioned is a severe concern. Thoughts?

Hi, I’m a junior at Cortland. Yes, you’re right, Cortland is a very small and run-down town. There have been some incidents of stabbings and other crime in the town but I don’t think it’s any more than other upstate towns. As for jobs/internships, a lot of ppl go to Syracuse/Ithaca/Binghamton for these things. Education majors get there placements at schools in Cortland and the surrounding areas. They help you with carpooling if you need to go outside the town of Cortland for that. There are a lot of on campus jobs as well!! I have loved my experience so far, please let me know if you have any more questions and I hope I helped a bit!