SUNY EOP applicant

<p>I applied to suny as an EOP applicant, so I'm wondering if my academic record qualify for admission under regular decision, will they accept me under regular decision or EOP?</p>

<p>I also did, but if you're gpa is above a 90, you're not eligible for the program. When I got that letter, I laughed.</p>

<p>Are you serious about the requirement that you are ineligible if your GPA is under 90? What if you attend a school where grad inflation is common? Or say you're an A- student but have standardized test scores in the low 400s? I've always been under the impression that EOP was there for economically disadvantaged kids who show academic promise? A high school GPA of 90 in and of itself does not assure a student admission to most SUNY colleges and universities.</p>