SUNY FIT Korea Fall 2020

I’m reaching out because I have not yet met a single other person also applying to SUNY Korea FIT for Fall 2020 and I’m hoping to find someone here! Have any of you received an acceptance letter yet? Or do you know when we should receive them by? I sent an email but they said that the results would be out “soon”… Honestly I don’t care if I have to wait a little longer I just want to find someone else who I can talk with about our applications!

I also applied to SUNY Korea FIT, but I had a little issue doing so. I sent in two different applications to both NYC and Korea so I don’t know if that’s why my decision is going to be delayed. But, this girl got accepted yesterday.

I also had an issue with submitting two applications! But I rescinded mine earlier in the application process, so I’m not sure… ugh this makes me really worried… I saw a thread of last year’s applicants getting accepted as late as 4/10, and someone I know got wait listed all the way in June

I don’t know if this will affect it but I saw that the application was extended to May 1st

I guess all we can do is wait… They haven’t responded to any of my emails recently (that seems to be an ongoing trend) so I am planning to call later today, and I might even call the NYC campus, I’ll let you know if I find out something!

Hi I applied to FIT Korea too and the wait is killing me TT I wanted to submit the double application too for both campuses but I’ve been told it’s not possible oò"
Have you heard from them in the meantime?

No I haven’t heard from them about a decision deadline, but I am about to have an online open house in about 20 minutes. It’s true that you can’t submit and application to both schools, that’s why I had to redact my FIT NY application. I emailed them last week about my application, and I got a response today that it is still being processed. I’ll keep you guys updated!

Okay so I just finished my meeting and when I asked about a decision deadline, she said that it depends on when you applied and they will come out specific to each person. If anyone else wants to have an online meeting you can go to and schedule one. Depending on time difference you might have to stay up late like I did (2AM) but you get a one on one session with an admissions counselor to ask questions about your application or questions on how to apply. It’s really great if you get the opportunity to do it. SBU students have this opportunity as well.

I see, I booked an online meeting too, luckily from Europe it is easier for me since it would be in the morning here. I hope the results will come out soon, keep us updated and good luck!

I applied to FIT SUNY Korea last year and was accepted April 8th of 2019. I was unfortunately unable to attend for the Fall 2019 semester due to financial setbacks. FIT SUNY Korea is still my #1 school so I reapplied for the Fall 2020 semester. I haven’t gotten any word back yet, but I imagine their office is spread thin right now as they’re probably working from home due to the pandemic. It’s really just a waiting game from here. I hope all goes well for all of us !! :slight_smile:

So they extended the deadline to June 30th…I don’t know if we have to wait until then. I just want to know now :frowning:

I reeeally hope it doesn’t mean that because then I might have to commit to another school… Does anyone have contact with someone who has been accepted already and can ask when they submitted their application? It might help with calculating the time it takes from submission to results

Hi I just had my “open house” online meeting today and the counselor told me that the extension of the deadline is not going to effect the time we’ll get our admission results. It was extended because some students could not take the English test due to the virus situation… Good luck to all of us!

Did you guys receive any update?

No I haven’t… I am planning to start calling and emailing a lot if I still don’t have an answer by May-ish. For my schools I have a deadline of June 1st to commit to another school, but I really don’t want to. I am worried I might have to though. But yeah, I will start annoying them around May if I still don’t have a response.

Also for those applying to major in fashion design, I recently won some more art competitions, do you think it would be too late in the game to add the certificates to the supplementary documents thing on the application page? And did anyone post actual art-work that isn’t fashion illustration in the supplementary documents part?

Okay LAST question but do you guys want to make something like a discord or something so it is easier to communicate? I don’t really want to post my phone number or social media here but I could put a discord link that is only active for a couple days so we can join and talk easier. Let me know and I will post a link.

Making a discord sounds like a good idea ! and i’m not sure about whether or not you can still add in supplementary documents or not. I applied for FBM.

Okay so college confidential doesn’t let me post a discord link so I’m going to put (dot) for “.” and so on, and you can fill it in and hopefully it will work https(colon)//discord(dot)gg/DFyYCwr It shouldn’t expire after a certain amount of time but only 5 people can use it so even if you come late then make sure to join!

Hey everyone, I know this is really late, but I have not been getting any email replies at all from SUNY Korea in the past week and I just wanted to know if it’s just me that this is happening to or if it’s happening to everyone? :frowning: I got admitted into the FD program for FIT, but I haven’t gotten any replies from the admissions team in literally a week and I have to make a decision by today or tomorrow :(( I feel so lost and I have no idea what to do in this situation :confused: