SUNY Fredonia

My D is looking at Fredonia for Speech Pathology. Has anyone got any feedback on their Undergrad program? Did it meet the requirements for students who went to a different school for the graduate work? She doesn’t want an accelerated program in this field as she wants to minor in Spanish and study abroad

My son graduated from Fredonia. I can’t speak to the SLP program, but he participated in study abroad and enjoyed it a great deal. I thought the town was lovely and quaint and the education was good. My son started out in theater tech for a BFA in lighting design and transferred to theater arts with a minor in psychology.

If you are a NY’er, you can’t go wrong for the prices.

I’m so glad to hear he enjoyed his time there and that study abroad went well for him. I am in NY and, knowing grad school for my daughter is required, the price of SUNY is a major factor in our decision. We are heading there this weekend so I’m looking forward to seeing the town, etc. Hopefully daughter will like the school. Being in Western NY at least we know what the winters will be like!

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Enjoy your visit.