SUNY Geneseo vs. Babson College

<p>Hey there, </p>

<p>I'm having a hard time deciding where to attend for the Fall 2011 semester.</p>

After financial aid, I still have to pay $31,000/yr.</p>

After financial aid, I still have to pay $9,500/yr.</p>

<p>I am 100% sure I will be majoring in business in college, not necessarily entrepreneurship though.</p>

<p>Would someone please offer some insights (pros and cons for each school) or advice on my dilemma? </p>


<p>Babson seems like a place where everyone is a business major. Geneseo is a liberal arts school that has some business majors. Personally, I would rather go to a more diverse college than Babson, but that of course is up to you. My guess is that Babson would offer more connections to the business world than Genny when you graduate.</p>

<p>Idt that Geneseo has as strong of a buisness program as Babson, so if money is no object, my guess would be go to Babson. Else, Geneseo is a p. nice place.</p>

<p>I heard from a business major graduate 2008, I believe, that Geneseo has no career services and job help, whereas she highly touted SUNY-FIT's help where she went for her first two years.</p>