SUNY Maritime (Or any college in general): Changing or sticking with major?

So for those who don’t know, Maritime is a marine studies focused college and it’s one of my choices. So I have an interest in operating on boats, basically I want to be a crew member for operating a ship. However, during my application process of selecting a major, I was deciding to choose between 2 majors, B.S. in Marine Transportation, or B.S. in Marine Operations. I couldn’t really tell what the difference was and finally decided to choose Marine Transportation. Fast forward a few months later, and I find out I got accepted. After reading the overview of the Marine Transportation degree, It seems it tends to focus more on the business aspect as cargo shipping and such, and after reviewing the maritime operations major, I also found out that the mari ops focuses more on operating on ships, and fleet operations.To be frank, I really think I would want to be in Mari Ops over Mari Trans, especially since I would want to be apart of the regiment or join the NROTC. To SUNY maritime students or any college student, do you know if there are any major differences between the two degrees? Would I be allowed to switch majors before or during enrollment? Can I switch majors that easily without affecting Financial Aid or would switching majors result in Financial rewards being revoked? Any insight is helpful.

You should be able to switch fairly easily as long as both a DECK. The earlier the better.

You may be able to switch now. Contact admissions.