SUNY New Paltz 2023

Has anyone heard an admission decision from SUNY New Paltz EA?

Son has not heard anything. His app was submitted on 10/17 and complete on 10/30. The portal says “Your application is complete and a decision will be made shortly.” That was six weeks ago.

Their admissions page says he’ll have an answer by January 1st, so that’s what he’s expecting.

He applied for mechanical engineering.

Thanks for reply STEM… My son submitted application on a Nov. 10. It said complete on 11/19. Your son a month before mine… Must of felt so good to be done so early with applications . Good luck to your Son. Lmk if you receive anything and I will do the same ! ??

Thanks @Gus12345 I pushed him to start the process early. The only bad part about that is the waiting. LOL

I’ll post here when he gets an answer. Good luck to you guys!

That’s a good thing … It was not pretty over here trying to get out apps for EA… Essay was just completed on the 9th … applications out the 10th. Glad it’s over and done. Learned a lot helping him do it… I know better for the next one … it should be a breeze lol

My son just got his acceptance letter to New Paltz !!!

Congrats @Gus12345! Was it an email, snail mail, or on the portal?

Snail mail … thank you!! I’m sure you will get something shortly ! Good luck !

Got the letter today. S accepted!

Got acceptance letter. NO email & portal not updated yet.

More details for future applicants…

S accepted (received letter in US Post 12/19)

Applied: Submitted app 10/17, app complete 10/30
SAT:High 1200s
WGPA: High 3s
Extra:Plenty of sports and volunteer stuff
State Residency:NY
High School: NYC Jesuit
Decision date:12/19
Major: Mechanical Engineering

No mention of honors or merit money in acceptance letter - not sure if this even exists at New Paltz.

By the way, the only change in the portal is a new link that says “Pay your Pre-Enrollment Deposit” But this only popped up the day after we received the letter.

Congrats STEM! I don’t think it’s common for NP to give $$ . My son was also accepted at Oswego and I was surprised that in the acceptance letter it said he qualifies for merit scholarship.Said The information about it would be arriving soon.

Fat envelope finally came in today’s mail! Happy to have a budget-friendly SUNY option on the menu.

Wow. No update to the New Paltz portal for my daughter, but today an acceptance package via snail mail! Application was complete on 2/13.

We are still waiting to hear from Purchase; application went in in January. We’ve heard back from all the other schools but this one, and naturally it’s DD’s first choice. Admissions portal just says that application has been submitted. Any idea why they take so long?

ds applied to new paltz after the conservatory at purchase rejected him … they transferred his app to arts management who accepted him in a week but he wants access to music production equipment. New Paltz letter just came today but the online portal still says they are reviewing his application.

Rachelfran - my son (hs junior) is interested in sound engineering/recording and we are looking at New Paltz. What other schools are you looking at? He got a 32 on the ACT and his gpa is 3.5. We are looking at Elon, Berklee, Clemson, UNCA and U South Carolina to start. Thoughts?