SUNY New Paltz - school, writing & theater program?

<p>I posted on the theater major thread, but thought I should post here too.</p>

<p>DD got accepted, but since we live in Arizona, we cannot visit these far away schools. Can someone share any thoughts or experiences with the theater program and the school in general? She wants to major in Theater (acting) and double major or minor in Creative Writing. Any insights on the writing program or English dept? Is the theater training good? Do they offer lots of opportunities for acting? Do they have 'connections' so that students can get audition opportunities in NYC? Are the academics strong?</p>

<p>As far as the social life, she isn't a partier. She tends to hang out with fellow theater people and has no experience with "partying". She wants to have great academics and theater opportunities, but also the fun college experience too. Is this possible at New Paltz without delving into the "party scene"? I am writing this on her behalf, so you can IM if you prefer and she will be the one reading those messages and the responses here.</p>


<p>We're interested in hearing the answer to these questions, too.</p>

<p>2 local sisters, both homeschooled, both went to NP for theater, one graduated, one a junior, both very happy (sorry, I don't have any details). My own daughter, a sophomore history major (in the honors program, which I saw you asked about elsewhere), is also very happy there. She doesn't drink and avoids most parties but has made lots of friends.
The Lenape dorm, which I saw you also asked about elsewhere, is all triples (with their own bathrooms!) - I don't think there are any suites. It has its own little gym. Lots of art majors live there too. Honors program students are invited to live there but don't have to (it costs about $900 extra per year).</p>

<p>In regards to Lenape, there are actually suites available. The suites include their own bathrooms like the corridor style rooms, and there's an additional room for studying/common living. The corridor style rooms are just one big living area with an attached bathroom.</p>