SUNY New Paltz

Hello I would really appreciate any reviews on New Paltz University. Atmosphere, rigor, any information would be helpful. Thank you in advance

It has a very liberal atmosphere, as does the town (artsy-fartsy). Good school. Any major you are interested in?

Thank you for your feedback. My daughter was accepted for Communication Disorders Speech Pathology major. We visited New Paltz campus last year and really liked it. We don’t know anyone who goes or went there though

My Sister In Law attended some time ago for Education and she is a teacher now not far from New Paltz. I don’t know anything about the Speech Pathology area.

The Comm Dis program seems to be pretty strong there, based on what they offer. It’s a good school, overall. Very artsy and liberal, cute little college town around it, a good number of international students.